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4 Years Old


4 years!!!!

JDR Branding is 4 years old this month, time flies when you are having fun, that's what I say!

Thank you to all our clients, suppliers, friends and family who have helped and supported us during this time.

During April we are making 4 great offers and gifts to celebrate.


1st Gift

Hamper basket


Our 1st gift is this wicker hamper filled with edible goodies for your team to share : Cupcakes, Donuts, Flapjacks, Millionaire Shortcake and Brownies.


2nd Anniversary GIft



Our 2nd gift to celebrate our anniversary is your choice of Deckchair for use at home or office, Choose from a single or double seater option with either a rainbow design or we'll create your very own.

It's not what you do... It's the way that you do it!    Enjoy your summer ahead with this great gift.

Changing Landscape of Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

How do you plan to continue maintaining employee engagement across your business as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic? 


With remote working having proven hugely successful for so many businesses over recent months, it looks as though this will continue to be embraced and implemented on a more permanent basis. 

But what would this mean for employee engagement? 

Key considerations for businesses with a remote workforce 

If you currently have a large percentage of your teams working remotely, there are a number of important areas that you need to consider. The first being how your employees are being supported and how you are communicating with your team.

Maintaining an engaged remote workforce is key in helping this way of working really work for you and your staff, so they can continue being productive and feel like part of the team.

Another key area to consider is how you will be supporting your employees with issues such as mental health, stress, and loneliness. 

As it has already been discussed, these are all issues that we could see emerge and increase within workforces moving forward. How will you ensure all employees are being correctly supported to help them deal with and overcome these issues? 

A final consideration for your remote workforce is how you will maintain and build your company culture. 

This is something that has become key in motivating today's workforce and also plays a big role in boosting employee retention. 

Maintaining company culture has previously been much easier for businesses to achieve when staff have all been working within the office environment, where getting across key messages, visions, values and ethos can be achieved through branding and regular and quality communication. 

With remote working removing these opportunities, this now needs to be achieved in a different way. 

How can you ensure these considerations are met? 

As specialists in branded merchandise, we understand just how valuable this tool can be in helping businesses to maintain employee engagement, especially in the current climate when they will not be working in the traditional office environment as frequently.

You can support employee engagement, highlight key issues, and maintain your company culture through investing in innovative and intelligent branded products that are in tune with your business and that provide your teams with something of value.

But it is also important that this is used in conjunction with other solutions and initiatives. 

It is key that when utilising branded products to support and engage your team, that they marry up with your other efforts. These efforts could be regular Zoom calls, virtual social events, virtual learning and development or even virtual HR, where your HR Team runs regular one-to-one sessions with each team member. 

We have been supporting a number of clients over recent months, utilising our innovative and out of the box thinking to provide them with unique solutions to maintain employee engagement both now and moving forward. 

If you would like support in this area, we can work with you to understand how you and your teams work and provide advice and solutions to help you overcome challenges. 

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Invest to achieve the best: Importance of Quality over Quantity

Invest in Branded Merchandise

It has never been more important for businesses to be getting the most out of everything they can, whether that be out of their budget, time, or resources. This should also be the case for your branded merchandise. 

When you think about branded products, it is common for people to think about the ‘traditional’ products such as branded pens and pads, but moving forward and post COVID-19, innovation will be key in helping you to really get the most out of your branded merchandise. 

Similar to this, it is often that when purchasing branded products, businesses tend to opt for buying in bulk quantity as they believe this provides a better price and therefore a better return on investment, but this is a common misconception. 

In order to make your branded merchandise really work for you, your brand and your business as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, you should be looking to invest in quality products over quantity

This is something we have always pushed at JDR Branding, helping clients to see branded products in a different way; not just as a spend, but instead as a valuable branding and marketing tool and investment they can utilise to connect and engage with their target audience. 

Through thinking more intelligently about your branded merchandise, this will enable you to provide your employees, clients and prospects with something of real value, which can help to increase your brand recognition and boost your image. 

Investing in quality products will also help to ensure they stand the test of time, allowing the individual to use it time and time again and continuing to increase your brand awareness for potentially years to come. 

It is important to remember that any product you give away is often the first impression an individual will have of your brand and company. Consider what your current branded products, or those that you plan to purchase are going to say about you. 

A cheap, bulk-bought product is not going to give that ‘wow factor’ that you desire. 

Innovative and quality products will help you to stand out from the rest and make a statement, helping you to be remembered for all the right reasons. 

 As we say, ‘Invest to achieve the best’ and make branded products really work for you with the help of JDR Branding.

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Branded Merchandise: The Impact of Covid-19 on the Industry

In this blog, our Director Dawn Rogers discusses the impact that Covid-19 has had on the industry and what the future could look like for branded merchandise, especially in regards to the ways in which businesses will be utilising this powerful tool. 

Are there any key trends you have seen arise during the Covid-19 pandemic? 

We have seen a significant increase in the demand for the sourcing and supply of quality PPE products. We have worked with a variety of clients to help them maintain Covid Secure workplaces where their staff and customers are protected. 

As we are beginning to emerge from the pandemic, the trends now seem to be steering towards the theme of ‘Back to Work’, with businesses looking at how they can utilise branded kits and packs to protect and support their teams in returning to the workplace. 

However, we have also seen that many are looking at short term solutions when it comes to their branded products, when in fact this situation may last for a prolonged period of time. 

So, the trends should be looking towards how businesses can utilise branded merchandise to help support their staff with their health and wellbeing over the coming months as they continue to work remotely away from the typical office environment. 


Do you see anything becoming a trend moving forward? 

Virtual exhibitions and events seem to be something that will remain on the agenda for many months to come. We are working with clients to create tailored solutions to support their own events and looking at innovative ways they can continue to connect and engage with clients and prospects from afar. 


Are there any challenges you have faced and if so, how have you overcome them? 

As with the majority of the world during the initial stages of the pandemic, sourcing and supply was a challenge for us. 

The biggest challenges from our supply chain came in the form of reduced workforces to comply with social distancing, longer production lead times and stock shortages on products and raw materials for bespoke options. 

With changes to how factories are working, with their admin staff working from home and reduced production capacity, processes have been altered to accommodate. These changes have lengthened lead-times overall, making effective planning and preparation even more key to ensure products can be delivered on time and campaigns can run to schedule

Despite these challenges, due to the relationships with our suppliers we were quickly able to achieve a robust supply chain, enabling us to meet the increase in demand and also meet repeat orders for clients. 


Do you have any examples of where innovation has helped organisations overcome challenges or seize opportunities presented by Covid-19?

We are delighted to have worked with such a wide range of organisations throughout the pandemic, to help them overcome challenges and seize new opportunities. 

From creating bespoke branded kits to send out to delegates for their virtual events, to sourcing a range of anti-microbial products, enabling them to provide their employees, clients and prospects with branded merchandise that helps protect them in the current climate. We’ve been helping many clients through our innovation and out of the box thinking. 

One thing that has been key throughout the pandemic is knowing your employees and clients. Understanding their wants, needs and characteristics is key in creating branded merchandise that will really engage and connect with them, to help you get the most out of your investment. 


Moving forward, we know just how valuable branded merchandise will be in helping businesses to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in what will be the new ‘normal’.



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Thinking ahead: Planning your campaigns and projects for 2021

Have you started planning ahead for your future campaigns and projects? 

It isn’t unusual to plan ahead well in advance for your campaigns and projects, in fact it is a must to ensure you can get the most out of your budget, deliver results and so that everything runs smoothly and to schedule. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic, it has never been so important to ensure you are planning ahead well in advance and considering every eventuality. 

In the current climate it is very easy to focus on the here and now. Planning ahead is vital to ensure your future success and to help you stay on track with your organisation’s growth aims and objectives. 

If you have a campaign, project or event taking place next year that will involve or be supported with branded merchandise, you need to start to prepare and look at considering potential alternatives for the branded products you want to invest in. 

With large crowds and events such as conferences and launch events being on hold until further notice, if you are planning an event like this you need to consider the possibility that this may not be able to go ahead in the original way you had intended. 

You should look to have a back-up plan in place for how you can still utilise the branded products you have invested in and despite being a ‘back-up’ plan, it should be just as effective as your original idea. 

For example, think about investing in products that can be utilised both whether the event takes place in a physical location, or if it is moved online. 

We have been working with a variety of clients over recent months, to help create bespoke packs or kits which have been sent directly to the delegates who were tuning into their event online.  

The kits have contained the branded products they originally planned on handing out in person, as well as the addition of innovative products, such as antimicrobial coated cups and contactless door opening keyrings. 

These are all extremely useful products and are likely to be used on a daily basis, helping to boost brand recognition and exposure.  

This is just one great example of how having a back-up plan in place can help you to still get the most out of your branded products. 

Taking the time to plan well in advance enables you to consider all your options and start thinking more intelligently and innovatively when it comes to your branded merchandise. 


How can we help? 

 As specialists in branded merchandise, we are much more than your average supplier. 

We have extensive experience and knowledge supporting clients in running campaigns and projects, which will be invaluable in helping your business to plan for every eventuality.

Whenever we work with a client we aim to become an extension of your business, so we can truly understand your aims and vision for your branded merchandise. 

With this knowledge, we can work with you to provide advice and support on creating a ‘back up’ plan for your upcoming event, so you still get the very most out of your branded merchandise and make an impact. 

Get in touch if you would like to discuss an upcoming event, campaign, or project and how we can help you get the most out of your branded products. 

Branded Face Masks: An intelligent, safe and sustainable solution

Reusable Facemask

As you prepare to return to work and start sourcing vital PPE to provide to your staff, have you considered how you can utilise face masks as an opportunity to represent your brand, whilst continuing to be sustainable? 

With the Government guidance on wearing masks on public transport, if your teams will be commuting into work, providing them with a pack of essential supplies to protect them whilst on the move is a great way to show them you care. 

Within this pack you can include quality reusable face masks, protecting them whilst simultaneously creating a great branding opportunity for your business. 


Branding your face masks

We are not only able to supply quality reusable face masks, but we also have the ability to print onto these masks, making it easy for you to add your logo, branding, or any key messages onto them. 

Fully certified and accredited these are manufactured using antibacterial Polyamide yarn, the reusable face masks we can provide are a safe solution for your teams, and when branded are also a great way to help increase your brand exposure. 

Due to face masks being used in a prime position that will draw the eye, having your logo and branding added is a great way to showcase to the wider public how you are looking after your teams and will also help to boost brand recognition. 



Along with safety and quality, it is also important to consider sustainability when you are sourcing your PPE such as face masks.

In this current climate and especially now with the recent announcement from the Government helping to highlight the need and push for greener solutions, businesses should be doing all they can to be sustainable. 

Particularly if being sustainable has been a key aim and message for your business over recent months/years, have you considered how you can continue to achieve this in the current climate? 

The way in which cheaper face masks are typically used, with one use and then they are thrown away, this is simply not sustainable. 

Investing in reusable face masks is an effective way you can continue to protect your staff, whilst helping to reduce your waste and costs. 

High quality reusable face masks can be used multiple times, are much more durable and can simply be washed and used again, reducing large amounts of waste.

And as previously mentioned, due to them being made with antibacterial materials, this also makes them a much more effective solution at protecting your staff than cheaper one-use masks. 

With a robust supply chain in place, we can work with you to supply and brand these reusable face masks for you and can also continue to meet your needs for repeat orders. 

As you will be dealing with a trusted and experienced supplier, sourcing your face masks with us will ensure you have complete peace of mind that the product you will be receiving is of a high quality.

What is even better is that sourcing through this route also ensures that you are not impacting the supply to the medical and care sectors, where PPE supplies such as face masks are of the utmost importance. 

If you would like to discuss your needs or find out more about branded reusable face masks, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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Utilising Reusable Cups and Bottles to overcome new challenges

Reusable bottles

Reusable cups and bottles have become considered somewhat of a ‘staple’ when businesses are looking at what branded products they want to purchase and for good reason.

They offer a variety of benefits from helping to create a sense of belonging for staff and helping to reflect your green agenda, to being a useful handout for prospects who are likely to use it on a daily basis, helping to boost brand recognition. 

Can they now be utilised to help businesses overcome the new challenges that will be presented as a result of Covid-19?

As we emerge from the pandemic, innovation will be key in helping businesses to evolve and overcome new challenges. But as much as innovation, it is also about looking at how you can repurpose or adapt solutions to make them work for you and your teams in the current situation. 

Reusable cups and bottles are a great example of this.

What was and still is a great product for branding both internally and externally, can now be utilised in a new way, especially now that we can offer a variety of options with an anti-bacterial coating to provide the highest level of safety.

As businesses prepare to welcome more of their employees back to the workplace, there are a number of challenges they will need to overcome in order to create and maintain a safe Covid Secure workplace. 

We have previously discussed the different ways we can work with businesses to prepare their sites, through providing products including quality PPE

Another key consideration for businesses will be the use of their shared facilities. 

These areas can quickly become hotspots for the spread of infection. Regular and effective cleaning of spaces as well as limiting their use will be essential.

Reusable cups and bottles are a great product that you can provide your staff with, so they can easily bring in their own refreshments, helping to reduce use of your facilities and the risk of contamination.

There are a number of options available to choose from that will support this. 

For example, we can provide larger 2-Litre reusable bottles, allowing your staff to stay hydrated throughout the day without having to regularly refill, through to quality thermo cups and bottles that can keep drinks and/or soups hot for longer periods of time.

We are also now able to offer a variety of these products with an anti-bacterial coating to help prevent the spread of infection, making them an even more effective and safe solution.   

Through having these products branded with your logo and colours, this can also help your staff to feel like part of the team, as they have all been provided with the same product and it can help to create a sense of belonging to the brand.

It is also great for brand exposure, especially as many of your staff will be likely to carry them with them on their commute into work increasing your exposure to the wider public.

Microbial Coffee Cup

Limit the spread of infection in the workplace

In order to protect your staff, you may also look to limit the use of your kitchen facilities through implementing things such as timetables. Or to remove the risks entirely to begin with, you may even look to keep them closed off until you can implement the necessary processes and procedures.

Other solutions may be that you need to create additional drinks stations at certain points throughout the office and limit the number of people who can use each station at any time.

These are just a few considerations.

No matter what solution you opt for, your staff will still need to have access to refreshments and reusable bottles are a great way to facilitate this safely.



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Planning ahead: Your strategy for communicating and re-engaging following Covid19

Communication Strategy

As the return to work moves closer, planning and preparation will be key in ensuring you are able to get back to business as soon and as smoothly as possible.

We have previously discussed some of the key considerations to help ensure your workplace is prepared and safe. It is also important that you are looking at how you will re-engage your clients and prospects and communicate any new changes you have implemented as a result of Covid19.


Strategically Planning

The Covid-19 crisis will have affected many businesses' ability to communicate with clients and keep their prospects engaged.

So in order to start the ball rolling again and get back to some normality, you need to look at how you bring back these clients and build up your relationship with both them and your prospects.

A great way to start is by evaluating what activities you have previously carried out to engage and communicate with your clients. You can consider what worked well and then how you can utilise this knowledge and resources in the current situation.

You can also consider the new activities and approaches that you may need to take in order to achieve your new goals.

For example, one of the main goals for all businesses when returning to work will be informing your audience of the important changes you have made to your processes and/or how you operate. What activities will you need to consider in order to achieve this?

For other businesses, you may have had to adapt your services due to Covid19, so your goal will be communicating this.

Despite the many challenges the pandemic has presented, you may have even identified a new avenue to go down as a result. If this is the case, one of your new goals will be communicating this with your target audience and building awareness around your new offering, or even looking at reaching a new target market.

Through strategically planning how you will achieve these goals now, you will have a clear blueprint to follow when you do return, helping to ensure you are able to get back on track as soon as possible and achieve positive results quickly and effectively, in terms of income, engagement, as well as your brand and reputation.


Role of Branded Product

Branded merchandise and products can be an invaluable tool in helping you to both re-engage and communicate with your clients, stakeholders, prospects and employees in an innovative and effective way.

For example, branded packs and kits are a great resource you could utilise.

You could send tailored packages to your new clients, to let them know what your brand is all about, or to your previous clients to bring you back to the forefront of their minds and remind them of what you can offer and how you can help them.

We have shared some more of our ideas on how branded packs and kits can help businesses during Covid19.

Signage and printed literature will also play a vital role in supporting you to inform and engage your visitors and clients, providing vital information on changes and procedures that should be followed in order to maintain a Covid Secure workplace.

Branded products can also be used to compliment your marketing efforts, to ensure the message and your brand is being reinforced and is really getting across to your desired audience.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which branded products can be used in helping you to re-engage and communicate with your audiences following the Covid19 lockdown, so if you haven’t yet considered the potential of branded merchandise for your business, now is the time as we begin to plan and prepare for the return to work.

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