Branded Tape Measures – FAQs

What types of tape measures does JDR Branding Ltd offer? At JDR Branding, we offer a diverse range of tape measures that can be tailored to your branding needs. Our selection includes everything from tailor tape measures and body tape measures to truck keyring tape measures and spirit level tape measures. We also offer tape measures in different forms such as metal, plastic, self-adhesive, and roll types. These products are perfect for construction companies, tailoring businesses, healthcare industries, and promotional giveaways.


What materials do you use to create your tape measures? We use a variety of materials to create our tape measures depending on the specific type and style. Some of our tape measures are made from durable metal, perfect for construction and heavy-duty use. Others are made from flexible and lightweight plastic, which is ideal for tailoring and health-related measurements. We also offer tape measures made from Tyvek, a synthetic material known for its excellent durability and resistance to tearing.


How long does it take to produce and deliver customised tape measures? The production and delivery times for our customised tape measures can vary based on the specifics of your order, such as the quantity, design complexity, and current workload. However, we always strive to complete orders as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. For an accurate estimate, we recommend contacting our team with the details of your order.


Can I order a mix of different types of tape measures? Absolutely! At JDR Branding, we understand that each business has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, you can certainly order a mix of different types of tape measures. Whether you need some tailor tape measures for your fashion business and some keyring tape measures for promotional giveaways, we've got you covered.


Can I have different designs on the same order of tape measures? Yes, you can. We offer the flexibility to have different designs on the same order of tape measures. This is particularly useful if you're planning to use the tape measures for different purposes or want to test out multiple designs to see which one resonates best with your audience. Please note that the specifics of this service may depend on the quantity and type of tape measures in your order.