Promotional Paperclips – FAQ

Can I order a set of branded paperclips with different designs?

Absolutely. You can order sets of branded paperclips featuring various designs, colours, and shapes to create a unique and cohesive promotional item. This allows for greater creativity and customisation, making your promotional paperclips stand out. Feel free to contact us for more details on the customisation options available!


How can promotional paperclips benefit my marketing strategy?

Promotional paperclips are practical and frequently used office items, ensuring your brand remains visible on desks and in daily use. This continuous visibility reinforces brand recall and loyalty, as people see your logo and branding every time they use a paperclip, effectively keeping your company top of mind.


Are there special packaging options available for promotional paperclips?

Yes, we offer various packaging options such as branded boxes, tins, and eco-friendly packaging solutions. These options enhance the presentation of your promotional paperclips, making them more appealing as gifts or giveaways. Custom packaging can also include your logo and marketing messages, further promoting your brand.


Can I include promotional paperclips in a branded office supply set?

Yes, we can incorporate promotional paperclips into a larger branded office supply set. This can include items like notepads, pens, and desk organisers, creating a comprehensive promotional package. Such sets are perfect for employee welcome kits, client gifts, or conference giveaways, ensuring a consistent and professional brand image.


Can promotional paperclips be part of a direct mail campaign?

Absolutely, promotional paperclips are lightweight and can be easily included in direct mail campaigns. Adding these practical items to your mailers not only enhances the value of your marketing materials but also ensures that your brand remains visible to recipients, increasing the impact of your campaign.