Branded Hi Viz Clothing - FAQs

What is branded hi viz clothing?

Our branded hi viz clothing is a range of high-visibility garments that can be customised with your company's logo and colours. These include vests, jackets, and trousers designed to enhance safety in environments where visibility is critical, such as construction sites or road work areas.

How can branded hi viz clothing benefit my business?

Our hi viz clothing not only helps ensure the safety of your employees, but also serves as a moving advertisement for your brand. It enhances your company’s visibility in multiple senses of the word, promoting your business while keeping your workers safe.

Can branded hi viz clothing be used in different work environments?

Yes, our hi viz clothing is designed for use in any environment where visibility is crucial. This includes construction sites, road work areas, warehouses, and more.

How durable is JDR Branding's hi viz clothing?

Our hi viz clothing is designed to withstand tough work conditions. They are made from durable materials that can endure rigorous use, while maintaining their high visibility and branding elements.

What sizes do you offer for your branded hi viz clothing?

We offer a range of sizes to accommodate all of your team members. From small to XXL, we strive to ensure everyone in your team has a well-fitted, comfortable, and safe hi viz garment.