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The Dos and Don'ts of Designing Effective Company Merchandise

Creating effective company merchandise can be a challenging yet rewarding task. Not only does it serve as a branding tool and marketing strategy, but it can also help build a loyal customer base, and even improve employee retention. However, in order for your merchandise to be effective, it must be designed with intention and purpose.


Do's and Don'ts puzzle pieces



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JDR Branding’s Corporate Gifting Guide for 2023

When it comes to developing connections with your clients, partners, and employees, corporate gifting is something that cannot be overlooked as it helps build strong relationships between different companies, promote loyalty among customers and staff members and create a lasting impression of the brand in the minds of everyone who receives a gift. But what exactly is corporate gifting? Why is it important? What should be included in a corporate gift box? Let's take a closer look at these questions.


Corporate Gifting - Employee Receiving Gift

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