How Merchandise Consultants Can Help You Measure Your ROI from Branded Merchandising

ROI, (Return on Investment) is often at the forefront of anyone's mind when it comes to deploying a marketing campaign – so how can you measure ROI for campaigns which include promotional products? 


It’s not always as easy as instant net profit and it may take some time to realise the effect this investment has made. Some campaigns that use promotional products can see a really quick return but that may also be down to other factors such as the relevance of the branded merchandise at a certain point in time e.g Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, sporting events etc. 


It’s fair to say that measuring ROI for a campaign that uses promotional products isn’t as easy as defining net profit but there are a few ways that you can establish a level of ROI. 


 ROI (Return on Investment) - JDR Branding


Before embarking on any marketing campaign, of course, you must establish what the desired outcome will be - what your objective is and what success looks like. When used in conjunction with a strong marketing strategy which outlines considered and focused objectives, promotional merchandise can undoubtedly help create brand awareness and recognition.  


If your goal is to get more social media followers then likes and follows will be the metric, if generating more leads is the objective then of course the metric would be the number of people who contact your business.  


But how will you know if the increase in leads is due to the branded merchandise? 


Working with a Merchandise Consultancy such as JDR Branding Ltd will help. We can help you source desirable products that are right for your target audience. We can suggest new and innovative ways to help you track new leads, if that’s your objective, by including something as simple as a QR code on products which will direct people to your Company's Facebook page. Or using a tracked phone number to help accurately account for the number of people who have contacted via the branded products, helping you to establish the product's success.


There are of course many other ways and that’s why a call with us should definitely be on your to-do list when considering a campaign that includes branded merchandise.


Branded products go even further in providing future value than that which can be instantly measured. For example, a piece of branded clothing, like a hoodie, a t-shirt, or a baseball cap, or something like a rucksack, water bottle, or notebook can be seen by 1000s of people.


Regular interaction with a piece of merchandise that bears your company name and logo reinforces your brand presence. The ever-presence of your company details on such products is a reminder of your product or service to the recipient and an introduction to potential clients.

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